The world of IN THE FIELD is dangerous, very dangerous. It is Jesse Loncraine’s gift to take you there, scary as it is, but reassure you that love and humanity can survive. His characters, however bizarre their experiences, are all perfectly believable. The reader wants the all to survive and thrive. Hence the excitement to the very last page of this fully-achieved début: a page-turner par excellence.
— Sir Ian McKellen
IN THE FIELD packs a real punch. Jesse Loncraine leads you confidently through a dark and often desperate world. His writing is unsparing and unsentimental, yet, at times, moves you close to tears.
— Michael Palin
Terrifying, heartbreaking and essential — IN THE FIELD is a stunning achievement. Loncraine’s prose is precise and beautiful; his scope and ambition extraordinary. A timely novel about a forgotten war, IN THE FIELD does what a good fiction is supposed to: reveal the truth without flinching. It will squeeze your heart until it bursts. A remarkable new talent.
— Ben Johncock, Author of "THE LAST PILOT"